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Ganjaland was initially established in 1996 as a cannabis seed supplier, providing high-quality seeds to growers and breeders in the UK and beyond. Over the years, the company built a reputation for reliability and excellence in the cannabis community, with founder Jimmy Ward hand-collecting each seed to ensure maximum viability.

In 2009, after over a decade of successful seed sales, Ganjaland expanded its offerings to include hemp flowers and teas. Leveraging their expertise in the cannabis industry and commitment to quality, Ganjaland sourced only the finest organic hemp flowers and crafted exquisite blends of hemp tea.

Today, Ganjaland continues to be a trusted source for premium cannabis seeds, as well as high quality hemp flowers and teas. Whether you’re a seasoned grower, a tea enthusiast, or simply curious about the benefits of hemp, Ganjaland has everything you need to enjoy the very best of this remarkable plant.


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