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Amazing outdoor results with zero maintenance. "Best seeds in the world, ya see me!"

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Yvad Davy & Christian Cowlin

Jimmy's message to ALL the Herbalists out there!!! "Plant some herbs for me" 

Mandinka Warrior and Mr Williamz

We set up our Cannabis cafe for 9 days at the 2004 Earthwise Festival

BBC2 Money Program: Documentary following Jimmy Ward's planning and opening of the Dutch Experience Cannabis Cafe in Bournemouth. Jimmy was running Ganjaland Cannabis seedbank. He hoped opening the Cafe would help normalise coffee shops and show they could function well and be a benefit in the community.

Raw footage of the lads cleaning the yard and building the coffee shop. The Dutch Experience in Bournemouth was built in three weeks with the help of some of the original DE staff from Stockport. We opened on 1st April (fools day) we were working closely with the police and thought we would be allowed to stay, the community accepted us! We were raided while the BBC Money program was aired on 27th of April at 19:42. The program started at 19:30 and we shut the shop to watch it. Evidence of a genuine Cannabis Cafe had been put away so we opened at 10am the next morning :-)

Jimmy was however charged with "Allowing the premises for the smoking of Cannabis" and received a nine month suspended sentence.