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wMediweed is an online store specializing in Hemp Buds for online ordering.

You can order our Hemp from in amounts of 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1 kilo for next day delivery.





Hand harvested Dried and Cured CBD-Rich Hemp Buds

 Excellent for a variety of uses:

  • making tea,
  • inhalations or aromatherapy 
  • tinctures and compresses,
  • For DIY CBD oil extraction
  • Add it to food or to your steam bath.
  • Really good and inexpensive way to benefit from all known properties of CBD.
  • The only sure way to get CBD is from the raw product.
  • 100% Legal Very Low THC Level will not get you high

Genuine CBD in raw form for guaranteed content and endless health benefits. (LOW THC / HIGH CBD

100% pure and Quality assured.

100% pure ingredients nothing added.

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