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  • 12 Seeds in a pack
  • Seed Genetics:  Selected inbred stabilized phenotypes of Serious seeds Award Winning Chronic.
  • indica/sativa hybrid
  • Recommended Seedling veg time; 4-6 weeks
  • Indoor flowering time: 7 weeks 4 days - 9 weeks 2 days
  • Indoor yield;  600+/- grams/m2 (600w Hps)
  • Outdoor 600+/- grams per plant (We recommend forced flowering during high summer)
  • Greenhouse;  Late/end October
  • Regulars: Great 70-80% Female to male ratio 
  • Experience; Tasty, Long lasting, Strong, Covert
  • Climatised for indoor/outdoor growing

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Chronic Hybrid

(High Grade)

 (Chronic x Chronic)  Available in Regular or Feminized

Selected stabilized inbred phenotypes of Serious Seeds Chronic.

The original Chronic was developed by Simon of Serious Seeds, Simons Chronic has won 5 awards and is one of our favorites always producing a smile. Original Chronic is very stable but after years of growing it for her own pleasure our breeder noticed slight variations in the plants one of which was a lower odour without any loss of quality. She also found that after some inbreeding she had the ability to strip the plant bare of its lower less yielding branches either in veg or flower without showing any signs of stress.

Our breeder then crossed this strain with another phenotype of Chronic that had a larger yield, fruitier taste and showed signs of early flowering.


Chronic Hybrid is a large yielding variety it's slightly more Indica than Sativa. A short to medium plant with qualities and size that will give any grower a huge sense of achievement. The strength is high producing around 19% THC and 3% CBD


 Tried and tested Chronic will produce 500-600g/m2 in organic soil based mediums without extreme feeding. Chronic Hybrid loves Supercropping techniques and it responds very well to a weekly defoliation regime allowing more light in and more growth to your buds. lower flowering odour than the original Chronic but still has the great power and taste. 

❝ That great Chronic taste and feel without risky smells. A great choice for the Covert Grower❞ 

This particular Strain likes -50% humidity and good air exchange if grown indoors. Novice growers would be wise to harvest around 8 weeks while experienced growers would be better to watch closely in the last weeks of flower. With the right care and attention Chronic will produce amazing results.